Revolutionizing the industry

The very first IEM design of its kind that sounds more than what it is. Pure BAs that captivate the very soul of music.

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Unorthodox sound engineering

Breaking the boundary of sound, transcending what already existing hybrid IEMs can do. Portable audio will never be the same again!


No more tubing, let sound freely vibrate as it naturally does . 


No more crossover, all drivers are driven to the maximum potential


No more acoustical filters, sound propagates at its finest.

Passive component - less

No passive components, electrical signal flows naturally into each driver.


By letting air flowing back and forth freely without any obstruction (filters/dampers), plus special surface treatment and intricately tailored internal geometry that enhances sound propagation even further, thus emitting sound has a special characteristic to it that conventional design hardly attains.

The epitome of sound 

Our aim has always been to achieve a perfect symbiosis of great sound ever since we founded Soranik. Creating perfect sound is our passion, and both the Versailles and Bastille are exactly the statue of our constant innovations, breaking from the norms to accomplish the unfathomable sound quality.


– 3x non-tubing BA drivers
– 2x pressure conditioners
– 2 pin 0.78mm cable
– Ergonomic custom fit universal shells